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New Communication

Katherine Grocott is one of the finalists in Brisbane City Council's Recycling Art Competition and has created 'New Communication'.

“The majority of the pieces I used were old forms of communication – books and records. These obsolete forms, replaced by the internet and digital downloads, are given new life and can communicate new meaning as new adornments for the body.”

This piece is made from vinyl records, an encyclopaedia, a CD holder and a serving platter.

Recycling Art Competition

This competition explores the creative potential of recycling household items and furniture, and inspiring others to see the possibility in things that may have otherwise have been thrown away. The artworks have been created with items from Council's tip shops and other second-hand sales.

All about the artist

Katherine has been interested in jewellery design since she took it as a minor subject in her Fashion degree. Over the years, her commitment to environmental sustainability has influenced her design process. Katherine’s work is strong and visually graphic and influenced by environmental sustainability. She appreciates minimalism and this features in her work. Clean lines and contemporary, modern design define her work. Recycled and found objects feature quite strongly in her work and she tries to source recycled metals as much as possible.

More information

You can also watch this video and see all the other finalists and their artwork on Brisbane City Council's YouTube Channel. Alternatively, you can watch these videos in an accessible player on Vimeo.

You can also read the text version.

27 March 2015