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Creek filtration systems

As part of the Lord Mayor's Cleaner Waterways initiative, Brisbane City Council invested $2 million between 2013 and 2016 to install creek filtration systems in catchments across the city. It is just one way that Council is working to reduce pollutants on our waterways today and for future generations.

The systems were installed across three catchments:

  • Norman Creek - two systems installed
  • Oxley Creek - two systems installed
  • Kedron Brook - two systems installed

The creek filtration systems consist of man-made filters which use a combination of rocks and vegetation placed at the edge of the creek to remove pollutants before they enter the waterways. By removing these pollutants it will ultimately benefit Brisbane's residents and surrounding flora and fauna.

Council already had more than 200 systems across the city that are similar to those being used in the trial; however this new creek filtration systems use improved technology based on knowledge gained from national research as well as learnings from existing systems.

There has been great success in areas where these and similar devices have been installed. The devices improve water quality and flow reduction.

What you can do

We all live in a catchment - water flows through our backyards and streets collecting everything on the way including rubbish, chemicals and fertilisers that end up in our creeks and bay.

Our homes and streets are connected to the waterways and our every day actions can help keep our local creeks and waterways clean and healthy. 

More information

Find out how you can help to keep our waterways clean with water smart actions in your home and garden.

10 November 2017