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Individual tips


Water is a precious resource, and you can make water saving a lifestyle choice with a few simple tips you can use every day. 

Calculate water usage

To calculate the water usage per person:

  • find your water consumption by checking your:
    • water advice or
    • property's water meter
  • divide the water consumption figure with the number of people in your property 
  • the result will be the water used per person

Check for leaks

An undetected leak could lose thousands of litres of water a day. Fix leaking pipes, taps and toilets immediately.

Check for leaks using your water meter

Take a meter reading last thing at night and first thing the next morning before using the water. If there has been any change in the reading you could have a leak on your property. If you can't locate the source of the leak, you should contact a plumber.

Taps and toilets

A dripping tap can waste between 30 and 200 litres of water per day. A leaking toilet can waste 60,000 litres of water per year.

To avoid this water waste:

  • turn taps off properly, check washers for wear and attend to leaking taps
  • check for silent leaks in your toilet by adding food colouring in the cistern. If the colouring begins to appear in the bowl after 15 minutes, the cistern is leaking and the valve must be repaired

Home and garden

Prevent water loss by:

  • regularly check your home and garden for wet spots or pooling water
  • looking for symptoms of a leak such as discoloured drywall, ceiling tiles or carpets 

Water saving activities table

Water saving activities Amount of water saved

Cut each shower by 2 minutes

24 litres per shower

Turn off the tap while brushing teeth

8 litres per clean

Wash vegetables and fruit in a basin rather than under running water

15 litres per meal

Turn off the tap when soaping hands

6 litres per clean

Chill drinking water in the fridge instead of running tap water until it is cool

5 litres per glass of water

Reduce your clothes washing by one wash per week (with a water-efficient washing machine)

65 litres per week

Shower instead of bath (install a water-efficient shower rose to halve the amount of water used with every shower)

87 litres per shower

Install a pool cover

100 litres per week


09 January 2015