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Outdoor ideas

""There are many great ideas to help keep your garden looking great while using sustainable water saving ideas. There are no current restrictions on sprinklers or watering times in Brisbane but it is a great idea to conserve our precious resource. For more information, visit the Department of Energy and Water Supply website.

Garden tips

Water saving tips for your garden include:

  • water less but more deeply by aerating the lawn with a fork
  • add organic wetting agents to keep water and nutrients
  • don't over water or water when it is likely to rain or when wind is forecasted
  • when cutting your lawn, raise the lawn mower blade to at least three inches
  • use mulch and compost or organic fertilisers
  • let your lawn go brown
  • limit your lawn area and use drought-tolerant grass


  • install a rainwater tank
  • divert water from your laundry to your lawn or garden
  • regularly check your outdoor taps, pipes and plumbing fixtures for leaks


Greywater is waste water from the bath, shower, hand basin and laundry. It can be diverted using a flexible hose for outdoor use on gardens and lawns. Check if your property is suitable to use greywater.

Under current Queensland Government legislation, residential greywater is allowed only in single houses, not unit or multi-story complexes.

Greywater is not allowed:

  • for non-residential use
  • to be stored for health and safety reasons as it can contain pathogens

You need Council's approval to install a greywater diversion system that connects to household plumbing.


Water saving ideas for your pool include:

  • use a pool cover
  • install a new water-saving pool filter
  • keep your pool's chemical balance right
  • capture backwash from pool filters and reuse on gardens
  • check the pool and filtration equipment for leaks

For more information, read the:

Patios and driveways

Water saving tips include:

  • use a broom, brush or rake to sweep and clean outdoor paths and paving
  • install a rainwater tank and if necessary use this water to clean down hard surfaces

More information

For more information, contact Council.

16 October 2014