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Rainwater tanks

Brisbane City Council's rainwater tank rebate program has ended.

With more than 90,000 rain water tanks installed across Brisbane at a cost of $65 million, the program has achieved its goals and helped make our city one of the most water efficient in the developed world.

Installing a rainwater tank will save you water and money. A rainwater tank provides you with the following benefits:

  • free water saving you money
  • soft water that lathers easily, saving on soap and detergent
  • extra water available to:
    • water gardens and lawns
    • wash cars

Approvals and standards

Obtain further details about Council's rainwater tank approvals and standards required for installation of a rainwater tank at your property.

Internal connections

Find out more about the requirements for internal connections from a rainwater tank at your property.

Choosing a rainwater tank

Read about choosing a rainwater tank to meet your needs including pre-purchase considerations, cost and location.

Using your rainwater tank

Read about keeping your rainwater maintained including preventing mosquitoes and corrosion.

13 March 2015