Artforce - Painting a box

""If you would like to paint a traffic signal box there are a few steps you will need to take before you can start painting.

  1. Visit the Urban Smart Projects website and select ‘Artist Login’ and ‘Register now’ to create a personal dashboard.
  2. Under ‘Boxes in progress’ click ‘Paint a box now’. From the google map select an available box in your area, select ‘shortlist’ and ‘request’.
  3. Log in to your dashboard and confirm your contact details, download the Artist Agreement to get more information about the project.
  4. From your dashboard download your design template. Create a full colour design for your box with a 30 word description of your box. Scan and upload your design template to your dashboard.
  5. Urban Smart Projects will advise whether your design has been approved.
  6. Nominate a date that you would like to paint (two months from the date your design was approved). Once you have started painting you have four weeks to complete your work.
  7. Download, sign and return your Artist Agreement. Once your agreement has been processed you will be informed of when and where you will be able to collect your Equipment Pack.
  8. A courier will deliver your Equipment Pack to a specific address. You’ll find everything you need to paint your box except for paintbrushes, water and cleaning products.
  9. Be sure to read the Information Sheet in the pack before you go to the box to commence painting. Please also read the sheet titled: How to Photograph Your box.
  10. Boxes are almost always located at busy intersections so please take care. Making sure you pack up carefully and when you are finished, take photographs as directed.
  11. Once you have completed, prepare your Equipment Pack for return ensure the paint pot lids are on securely. Leave in the nominated safe place for collection by the courier. When the Pack is ready for the courier to collect please log-in to your dashboard and click on "return Equipment Pack".
  12. Lastly upload a photo of your work to your dashboard.

Choosing a traffic signal box 

Currently there are no traffic signal boxes available for painting. To join the waiting list, please contact Urban Smart Projects.

Visit the Urban Smart Projects website and select ‘Paint a box’. Use the location search bar to search a street name or simply use the map to zoom in on an area you are interested in.

Once you have identified the box/boxes you would like to paint create an ‘Artist Login’. Urban Smart Projects will email you a confirmation email; you can login to Urban Smart Projects website and manage your application on your dashboard.

Urban Smart Projects provide a checklist of what you need to do to turn your design into reality. Simply use the Artist Login to manage your application

Designing your traffic signal box

Once your traffic signal box has been allocated to you, Urban Smart Projects will provide a signal box template for you to paint or draw your design on. Dimensions of a traffic signal box are: 140 cm high x 80 cm wide x 42 cm deep. You will need to paint all the sides of the traffic signal box that are visible.

Have a look at the box to determine whether you need to design your artwork for three or four sides of the box. Provide a name for your artwork and briefly describe (30 words or less) the reasons or inspirations behind your design. This information will go onto the Artforce website.

Designs can be returned to you if required. Include your signature on your design as you would on the actual traffic signal box. Signatures must not exceed 30cm x 10cm in actual size and may include the copyright sign "©"

What designs are eligible?

Urban Smart Projects acknowledges that everyone relates to their community and local surrounds differently.

Designs should be positive, original and colourful and reflect at least one of the following:

  • the immediate environment
  • the character or culture of the suburb
  • the history of the area
  • community pride
  • creativity

Designs should also have minimal blank areas of colour to reduce the likelihood of graffiti tagging and not be predominantly dark in colour as this can cause the contents of the traffic signal box to overheat.

Designs will be ineligible if they involve:

  • a breach of Intellectual Property Rights (somebody else's idea)
  • trademarks, brand or business names, logos or copyrighted images
  • images of a potentially offensive or sensitive nature as determined by the project managers
  • collage or gluing anything onto the traffic signal box
  • images that resemble illegal graffiti or tags

What equipment do I need to paint a traffic signal box

Artforce provides approved artists with an Artforce Pack. Each pack contains paint (undercoat and primary colours plus green, white and black), safety vests, witches hats, painting rags and drop sheets.

Artists need to provide their own paintbrushes and must comply with safety and environmental guidelines.

Check list of what to submit

When submitting your design, be sure to include all the information that is needed:

  • your colour design (use the template provided)
  • downloaded and completed artist agreement
  • confirmation of artist details
  • completed pop quiz
  • artwork name
  • artwork background information (30 words or less)
  • contact details, address, phone number and email address
  • proof of age (if under 18)


06 June 2014