City Artworks Project

Brisbane City Council continues to commission new public artworks as part of the City Artworks Project - an initiative to deliver a new dimension to the Brisbane Central Business District (CBD) experience with ‘postcard moments’ created around the city.

The artworks are located at high-profile ‘CBD gateway’ locations and pedestrian spines to make our busiest public thoroughfares more vibrant and engaging, while providing points of interest for residents, visitors, commuters and workers.

These installations demonstrate Council’s commitment to our vibrant, creative city and are initiatives of the Brisbane City Centre Master Plan 2014 and River’s Edge Strategy.

See the location of these artworks in a map and view the photo gallery. You can also view artist videos where they explain their ideas behind their artwork.

Emblem - Geoffrey Ricardo

'Emblem' by Geoffrey Ricardo, represents a humanesque kangaroo striding and keeping pace with the tempo of life in the surrounding environment.

The six-metre tall sculpture, 'Emblem', is intended to be playful, comic and iconic. It brings interest to this intersection, at the junction of George and Roma streets, and seems to be a creature on a small island, standing tall in the middle of a busy road.

Watch a video of Geoffrey Ricardo.

Flower by the Gate - Pamela See

'Flower by the Gate' by Pamela See is located on Albert Street near Mary Street, and celebrates the nearby Botanic Gardens, and Brisbane as a gateway to Asia. The flower is from the Bauhania tree, which was introduced to British colonies in the 1890s and has been the floral emblem of Hong Kong since 1965.

See explores contemporary applications of traditional Chinese paper cutting. The folds and forms of 'Flower by the Gate' draw on this technique and give the bronze and granite sculpture an unexpected delicacy. Internally lit with bright red light, the artwork also acts as a lantern for viewers passing at night.

PoinsettiaRiverfire - Luke Roberts

'PoinsettiaRiverfire' is a 10.5 metre sculpture with integrated lighting erected near the Forum of Emma Miller Place. The artist, Luke Roberts, took inspiration from the nearby flowering gardens at Roma Street Parklands in developing his concept. The sculpture references Brisbane's official floral emblem, the Poinsettia, and celebrates the annual Riverfire Festival and other popular fireworks displays which take place throughout the year in Brisbane.

In the artist's words, "PoinsettiaRiverfire aims to inspire optimism and lotus-like evoke a sense of the transcendental."

Watch a video of Luke Roberts.

Reverie I - Charles Robb

Charles Robb’s artwork 'Reverie I' is covered by curls and twirling forms, inspired by the idea of a sculpted wig on a 17th Century bust.

Its location at the plinth on Gardens Point Road suggests the erratic movement of the Brisbane River and evokes the idea of 'reverie', a state of musing or meditation. It is relevant to both the university grounds (a site encouraging deep thought) and the riverside pathway (a place for daydreaming).

Watch a video of Charles Robb.

Spinning Top - Jarrad Kennedy

'Spinning Top' by Jarrad Kennedy is located at the junction of Turbot, Wickham and Boundary streets and references the heritage-listed remnants of James Duhig's unfinished Holy Name Cathedral, which can be seen on the Ann Street side of the Cathedral Place apartments.

The sculpture is a scale model of the building’s dome - bringing to life the image of the dome lifting from the building, moving through the city like a spinning top and finally resting a short distance away from the cathedral’s intended site.

Watch a video of Jarrad Kennedy.


Find out where these installations are located in Brisbane's city centre.

Name of artwork Artist Location
Emblem Geoffrey Ricardo At the junction of George and Roma streets, opposite Roma Street transit centre
Flower at the Gate Pamela See Albert Street near Mary Street
Spinning Top Jarrad Kennedy At the junction of Turbot, Wickham and Boundary streets, Brisbane city
Reverie I Charles Robb At the plinth on Gardens Point Road, between QUT and the City Botanic Gardens
PoinsettiaRiverfire Luke Roberts In the middle of Emma Miller Place between Albert and Roma Streets

Photo gallery

View the photo gallery of the artwork around Brisbane as a slideshow, or view the photos individually as part of Council's Flickr account.

City Artworks Project

Artist videos

Watch videos about the artists and their creations in Council's accessible video channel. Alternatively, you can watch the videos on Council's YouTube channel or on a more accessible channel, Vimeo.

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