Vibrant Laneways program

The Vibrant Laneways program was a key feature of the City Centre Master Plan 2006. It is continued as an initiative of the City Centre Master Plan 2014.

As Brisbane resident and visitor numbers increase so must our city’s public spaces, business opportunities and pedestrian routes. The Vibrant Laneways program identifies and rejuvenates forgotten spaces reintroducing them to our community in a way that is imaginative, fun and engaging.

The program aims to create places:

  • where people can meet and relax
  • that improve pedestrian access in and around the city centre
  • to shop and dine
  • to celebrate creative arts
  • that offer opportunities for small business.

Temporary outdoor galleries

The Vibrant Laneways program transforms Brisbane's laneways into imaginative, fun and engaging spaces. Find out what's temporarily on display around Brisbane.


Permanent outdoor galleries collection

Find out about the permanent artworks located in Rowes and Burnett lanes, created under Council's Vibrant Laneways program.


Vibrant Laneways completed projects

The Vibrant Laneways program has a history of turning Brisbane's laneways into engaging spaces. Find out about the previous successes of the Vibrant Laneways program.