Vibrant Laneways completed projects

The Vibrant Laneways program has been successful in using some of Brisbane's forgotten spaces to create pedestrian links and spaces where people can meet and enjoy artwork and amenities.

Find out about completed Vibrant Laneways projects.


Albert Street temporary event space

Council has completed works in Albert Street to create a new temporary event space in the city that supports Council's Brisbane City Centre Master Plan 2014 vision for Albert Street to be a 'shared street for people'. The transformation now makes it easier to host events and other activities in Albert Street, between Charlotte and Mary Streets. The area now benefits from:

  • bollards that can be used to temporarily close off the event space area to vehicle traffic
  • traffic closure signage to redirect traffic during event times
  • power outlets to support event activities
  • footpath build-outs to shorten the crossing distances between some of the key street crossings.

Burnett Lane upgrade

Burnett Lane has been revitalised with creative lighting, public artwork and the installation of an artwork embedded in the roadway spanning the entire length of the lane designed by artist Elizabeth Woods. Brisbane City Council’s vision is to support the laneway as a mixture of commercial and cultural opportunities. The laneway has provided a setting for outdoor events, new bars and restaurants. Find out about the artwork and artist.


Eagle Lane upgrade

Eagle Lane has been transformed into a new public space featuring dynamic public art displays in wall-mounted lightboxes as well as new seating and paving. The revitalisation of Eagle Lane has enhanced pedestrian linkages between Queen and Eagle Streets via the laneway and helped to encourage pedestrians to enjoy the space and the changing art displays. The laneway improvement also offers space for outdoor dining and events. Find out about the artwork and artist.


Edison Lane upgrade

Passers-by will notice a change to Edison Lane with a large wall banner currently on display. Find out about the artwork and the artist. As with Eagle and Hutton Lanes, the Edison Lane wall banner will host a program of artists’ works. Council has also enlivened the road surface of the laneway with an intriguing design representing the Edison light bulb circuit diagram.

""Fish Lane upgrade

Fish Lane is currently undergoing significant change through redevelopment of low-scale commercial buildings into high density residential towers. Ground floor commercial tenancies at the base of these towers will, over time, bring activation and life to the lane. The light boxes herald the start of Fish Lane at its northern end.


Gardens Point Road upgrade

Brisbane City Council has worked in partnership with QUT to upgrade Gardens Point Road at QUT between the Goodwill Bridge and the historic Botanic Gardens Caretakers Residence. The upgrade has created an attractive series of seating spaces with improved pedestrian and cycle links between the Goodwill Bridge, City Botanic Gardens, Riverstage, QUT and the city centre.


Hutton Lane upgrade

Council has breathed new life into Hutton Lane with the installation of wall-mounted lightboxes showcasing a program of artworks commissioned and created specifically for the laneway. Visible from Adelaide Street by passing pedestrians, the artworks are updated regularly, drawing attention to this previously forgotten space in our city. The artwork forms part of an ‘outdoor gallery’ that spans Hutton, Eagle, Edison and Burnett Lanes. Find out about the artwork and artist.


Jacob’s Ladder upgrade

Jacob's Ladder is located between King Edward Park, Wickham Terrace and Edward Street and provides a critical pedestrian link between the city centre and Spring Hill.

Its transformation has seen the creation of a new plaza that includes the Arnaldo Pomodoro’s Forme del Mitro sculptures that were previously located in King George Square. Other enhancements include new artwork, lighting and landscaping.

""King George Square revitalisation

On 25 October 2009 King George Square was officially re-opened. The design has created a space that reflects the historic values of the city, as well as King George Square's evolving role as a destination, transit hub, ceremonial and civic heart of the city.

""King George Square Student Art Gallery

The King George Square Student Art Gallery Project has involved repurposing an area of the Council owned King George Square underground carpark (Level B) as a student gallery. Stage 1 (nine light boxes) was completed in early 2015. 


Market Street upgrade

Completed in 2008, the Market Street transformation created an outdoor, pedestrian friendly meeting place. This space now benefits from:

  • the introduction of new ‘twig inspired’ outdoor furniture
  • improved landscaping
  • improved pedestrian amenities
  • upgraded signage and lighting.

Mooney Fountain Plaza revitalisation

Council has transformed the historic Mooney Fountain Plaza located on the corner of Queen, Wharf and Eagle Streets in the CBD. The revitalisation has improved safety, created an attractive entrance to our CBD and highlighted our city’s heritage. Upgrades include new feature and footpath lighting, upgraded and widened footpaths, more accessible recreational seating and a new timber deck beneath the historic fig tree that provides for public seating and outdoor dining.

""Queen Street revitalisation

The Queen Street revitalisation was delivered in two stages to transform Queen Street (from Edward Street to Creek Street) into a vibrant, pedestrian-friendly, subtropical boulevard. It includes creative lighting elements and public art, improved footpath treatments, new shade and seating elements, and new landscape features, including lush foliage and shade trees.

""William Jolly Bridge creative lighting project

The William Jolly Bridge creative lighting project delivers a visual centre piece for the city. The light projection is a permanent gift to Brisbane and the bridge will be lit with artwork for important cultural events and celebrations.