Former Kalinga Bowls Club remediation project - Kalinga

Brisbane City Council is undertaking works to remediate contaminated land at the former Kalinga Bowls Club.


Address Former Kalinga Bowls Club, between Thorpe Street and Jimbour Street, Kalinga
Ward Hamilton
Project outcomes To remediate the contaminated land so it is fit for the development of a childcare centre by Council's Lessee, a not-for-profit organisation
Latest update Start of construction

About the project

Council’s initial investigations of the area found that the top layer of soil is contaminated due to the lawn products previously used by the bowls club for the maintenance of the bowling greens.

The site is planned to be developed into a childcare facility by a not-for-profit organisation, The Community Place (Council’s lessee). Therefore Council will be undertaking contaminated land remediation works to make the area safe for development.

The remediation works will involve:

  • removing up to 500 mm of contaminated soil from the two bowling greens
  • testing the layer of soil underneath
  • backfilling the site with new, clean soil
  • installing turf.

The remediation works are anticipated to begin in July 2017 and be completed in August 2017, weather permitting.

Project benefits

Remediation of the contaminated land will make it fit for the development of a childcare centre by Council's lessee, a not-for-profit organisation.

Impacts during construction

Construction works will generally take place from Monday to Saturday, 7am to 5pm. Council is committed to keeping the community informed of construction activity in their area and will provide advance notification of activities likely to cause disruption during the works.

For the duration of the remediation works, the project area will be fenced off and closed to the public.

Properties in close proximity to the work and park users may experience some dust, construction noise, and low levels of vibration; however Council will endeavour to keep this disturbance to a minimum where possible.

There may be intermittent closures or access changes to Jimbour Street or Thorpe Street to allow for the movement of heavy machinery and vehicles.

There will be increased truck movements along residential streets during the works. Where necessary, traffic controllers will be on-site to assist pedestrians and cyclists around the worksite. Safe pedestrian and cycle access around the worksite will be maintained at all times.

We would like to thank the local community for their patience and understanding during these important works.

Construction update

As part of works for the former Kalinga Bowls Club remediation project, Council’s contractor has identified materials in some existing minor structures that contain asbestos, which must be removed prior to the planned remediation.

Council representatives and a licenced contractor engaged by Council will oversee works to ensure all health and safety procedures are met. Asbestos removal works are scheduled to start the week beginning early July and are expected to take up to two weeks to complete, weather and site conditions permitting, with ongoing inspections carried out during the remainder of the project construction.

Workers on site may wear Personal Protective Equipment, including ventilation masks and hazardous material suits, due to their close proximity to the materials.

More information

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04 July 2017