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Mt Coot-tha zipline

Brisbane City Council, in conjunction with an external planning company and Zipline Australia has now lodged the development application for the Mt Coot-tha zipline. Council is confident the zipline will be built and run in a way that is sensitive to Mt Coot-tha, while providing a range of environmental, social, cultural, learning and economic benefits for the precinct.

Mt Coot-tha zipline fly-through

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Address Mt Coot-tha reserve
Ward Pullenvale Ward
Project outcomes To deliver a low impact, environmentally sensitive, world-class ecotourism zipline experience.
Latest update

Development application lodged 3 September 2018. The development application can be viewed online at Brisbane Planning and Development Online, application number A005011420.

About the project

Location and design

Brisbane-based company Zipline Australia, has been selected to design, build, operate and maintain the zipline. The proposed zipline design, subject to planning and permit approvals, will consist of three experiences:

Treetop canopy tour A treetop canopy zipline tour of approximately 1.5 km taking small groups of 8-12 from treetop platform to treetop platform using zipline technology and providing a guided learning experience of Mt Coot-tha’s flora, fauna and Indigenous cultural heritage.

It will start west of the lookout and finish to the west of JC Slaughter Falls.

Scenic zipline tour A combination of six parallel lines that allow friends and family to jointly share the experience of traversing 1.1 km from the Summit lookout to the Brisbane Botanic Gardens in a single span without any intermediate ground impact.

A second span of 340m will cross the Melaleuca Lake within the Gardens.

The scenic zipline tour celebrates Brisbane as a New World City and offers spectacular views of Brisbane, the bay and distant ranges.

Indigenous cultural heritage tour and skywalk A guided Indigenous experience that tells the story of indigenous life prior to colonial settlement using a 349m suspended bridge walk.

It will be an engaging walking tour exploring things such as bush tucker and Aboriginal stories.

It will be constructed above JC Slaughter Falls and will link the treetop canopy tour and the arrival centre.

The arrival centre, which will be situated at the former Legacy Way workforce car park located on Sir Samuel Griffith Drive at the Scenic Drive intersection, will include administration and operations for the zipline. The proposed arrival centre includes 102 off-street car parks and 33 on-street car parks for zipline customers.

The project will also involve implementing a shuttle service for zipline customers. The shuttle service will ease traffic congestion and impacts to existing car park facilities.

Development application

Council has submitted a development application to ensure the zipline meets planning standards while having minimal impact on the environment, amenity and local community. An external planning company produced the development application, which addresses all codes and statutory requirements through extensive detailed technical reports by qualified experts.

These technical studies include:

  • planning report
  • ecological assessment
  • owl and raptor study
  • vegetation management plan
  • arboriculture impact assessment
  • traffic impact assessment and design
  • bushfire risk, hazard assessment and management plan
  • acoustic (noise) impact assessment
  • heritage impact statement
  • visual impact assessment
  • landscape plans
  • architectural plans
  • construction methodology
  • site based stormwater management plan
  • social and economic assessment.

The development application is available to view online via Brisbane Planning and Development Online, application number A005011420.

The development application will include a public notification period, where the community can make submissions on the application. The timing of the public notification period will be determined through the development application process and will follow statutory timeframes.

For more information about the development application process, phone Council’s Development Services on 07 3403 8888.

Land management plan

In parallel to the Development Application and its assessment, Council will also submit a land management plan to the Queensland Government for the proposed change in use of the land (the Deed of Grant in Trust) at Mt Coot-tha, as required under the Land Act.

Before the plan is submitted, Council, in conjunction with an experienced land management planning consultancy, will undertake community consultation on the draft land management plan. This will occur in parallel with the development application public notification period.

Consultation activities for the land management plan are still being determined, but will include drop-in information sessions and an online survey. Council will notify the community once these activities are confirmed.

Community engagement

Council has undertaken an extensive amount of non-statutory pre-lodgement community engagement since the zipline project was announced in 2016. This included information on Council’s website and in the city-wide Living in Brisbane publication, project contact information, community information sessions, stakeholder meetings and a newsletter to over 60,000 residents.

Council is committed to continued engagement with the community as the project progresses through upcoming consultation activities.


A key principle of the zipline project is to have minimal impact on the environment and to promote the ecological and cultural values of the site. As part of the development application, a number of trees and shrubs have been identified which will need to be removed or trimmed to facilitate the project. In accordance with Council’s offset planting policy, a program of planting native vegetation will occur through the project to ensure a net gain in native vegetation.

As part of the development application, a raptor study has been undertaken by an independent owl expert. A key recommendation of the report is to realign the treetop canopy tour to approximately 100 m from the Powerful Owl habitat. As such, the treetop canopy tour has been realigned to facilitate this. Also, an additional alignment has been added to the treetop canopy tour, accommodating for native wildlife and the conservation of the environment. This alignment will be used seasonally to minimise impacts on fauna habitat.

Project benefits

The Mt Coot-tha zipline will:

  • increase the awareness of the environmental, cultural and Indigenous values of the precinct through sensitive, informed guided experiences
  • provide a unique experience, never before seen in Brisbane
  • provide $232 million worth of economic benefits to South East Queensland over 30 years by encouraging international and domestic tourism and contributing to the range of local recreation experiences
  • provide opportunities to reinvest in precinct-wide improvements and programs
  • provide local employment opportunities with 112 new full time equivalent jobs in South East Queensland, including an indigenous partner plan
  • promote healthy lifestyle through increased activity levels
  • provide safety and accessibility improvements across the mountain.

The zipline is a commitment of Lord Mayor Graham Quirk and forms part of Council's Our Shared Vision Mt Coot-tha 2030, which aims to reinforce Mt Coot-tha as the premier destination for ecotourism, as one of Brisbane's iconic tourist attractions and to solidify Brisbane's global reputation as Australia's New World City. It is also part of Council’s commitment to creating a leisure and adventure precinct at Mt Coot-tha, one of Brisbane's famous landmarks.

Project timing

2016-2017 - complete

Tender process (including Market Sounding Process and Request for Proposal)

December 2017 - complete Award of zipline proponent
3 September 2018 - complete Development application lodgement
Late 2018 to early 2019 Public notification period for the development application and community consultation on the land management plan (subject to development application process)
Early to mid-2019 Start of construction (subject to approvals)
2019 Treetop canopy tour open to the public
2020 Scenic zipline tour and skywalk open to the public

More information

For more information you can download the:

If you would like to find out more about this project or about the development application, phone Council on 07 3403 8888.

17 October 2018