Artist in Residence program

The exciting interface between art and botany provides the impetus for the Artist-in-residence program.

The appointed artist’s work has always been intimately associated with plants specific to the Gardens and in many instances, incorporates natural materials.

The Brisbane Botanic Gardens initiated an Artist-in-residence program in 1995 to enable a person from the broad areas of visual arts, literature or performing arts to work at the Gardens for a negotiated time frame of up to one year.

The program is designed to provide artists with an opportunity to stimulate interest and understanding of their particular art form as well as heighten appreciation of the natural environment.

Lesley Kendall

Lesley Kendall is the 2017-2018 Artist in Residence and uses the Gardens as her inspiration. She proposes to paint a series of botanical paintings every day for a year as well as create sculptural forms in clay or glass inspired by the daily paintings. She will be conducting workshops in the Gardens for the public to come and explore their own personal relationship to nature - through quiet walks, painting and drawing in nature.

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More information

If you are interested in becoming the artist in residence or would like more information, send an email.

06 October 2017