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A new park for Ascot

Brisbane City Council is pleased to announce the development of a district park between Lancaster Road, Kitchener Road and McGill Avenue in Ascot, contributing to more than 2000 parks across our city.

Council is committed to keeping Brisbane clean and green, and making our city liveable and sustainable for future generations.


Address Between Lancaster Road, Kitchener Road and McGill Avenue, Ascot
Ward Hamilton
Project outcomes The project will create an attractive park which celebrates the history of the suburb.
Latest update

The community provided feedback on the draft concept plan from 8 May to 3 June 2018. All feedback will be considered as part of the project and the final concept plan will be available in late 2018.

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About the project

The historic suburb of Ascot is home to a diverse community that is always growing. To support this growth, a district park will be created for the community to enjoy.

From 2009 to 2011, Brisbane City Council worked with the local community to plan for the future of the Racecourse Precinct. One of the key outcomes of the Racecourse Precinct Neighbourhood Plan was that the former Brisbane Racing Club (BRC) members’ car park, at the corner of Lancaster and Kitchener Roads, will be converted back to public parkland.

The park will be a quiet, attractive space that can be used for a variety of things such as walking, picnicking or even small concerts.

Project benefits

The project will deliver a park that:

  • promotes a strong sense of community and celebrates the area’s heritage
  • increases accessible green space in the area
  • includes a new fenced playground for children to enjoy
  • celebrates our outdoor lifestyle with new subtropical plantings and the rejuvenation of existing trees.

The project will not impact existing leased sites and Council is committed to providing long-term surety for existing tenants.

Community consultation

Before designs were finalised, Council collected feedback from the community on the draft concept plan. Thank you to everyone who provided their thoughts and comments, all feedback collected as part of the project is being reviewed and considered.

The final design of the park is expected to be announced to the community in late 2018.

Initial works

Initial works are underway to prepare the area and due for completion by mid-2018.

Initial works include:

  • removing old park furniture, internal fencing and mulch/debris pile
  • following arborist investigations, diseased and/or dead trees will be removed
  • trimming under tree canopies for safety purposes
  • de-compacting soil around remaining trees and adding mulch to promote improved tree health
  • filling gullies, washouts and divots with road base to temporarily improve site safety
  • relocating the traffic control box to make room for a future park entry way
  • removing boundary fencing in disrepair and installing bollards and or railings.

Construction of the park will take place in 2019, including the decompaction and regeneration of the soil, followed by park embellishment works.

Project timing

May 2018 Community engagement on draft concept plan. Initial works to prepare the area begin.
Late 2018 The final concept plan will be shared with the community, incorporating community feedback.
2019 Construction of the park, including the decompaction and regeneration of the soil, followed by park embellishment works.

More information

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04 June 2018