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Belmont parks

Find the location of parks in Belmont and information about their facilities.

Park name Location Facilities
Cassandra Crescent Park 41 Cassandra Crescent Bikeway
Glenavon Street Park 180 Glenavon Street  
Iona Close Park 3 Iona Close Barbecue (wood), bubbler/tap, playground
Pinnacle Place Park 22 Pinnacle Place  Bubbler/tap, playground including picnic area
She-Oak Park 216 Belmont Road Barbecue, picnic area, playground 
Summit Street Park 53 Summit Street Barbecue (electric), bubblers/taps, picnic area with shelter, playground (Summit Street, Giordano Place) 
Thredbo Place Park 10 Thredbo Close  Playground (Mitchell Place) with picnic area and shelter


09 May 2017