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Bridgeman Downs parks

Find the location of parks in Bridgeman Downs and information about their facilities.

Park name Location Facilities
Albany Creek Road Park (no. 245) 245 Albany Creek Road  
Albany Creek Road Reserve 534 Albany Creek Road Grange Bowmen (archery), Northern Suburbs Pony Club, playground
Bangalow Street Park (no. 192) Bangalow Street and Cotswold Place Playground, water (bubbler/tap)
Camelot Place Park 157 Camelot Place  
Cassidy Crescent Park 52 Cassidy Crescent  
Clarrie Beckingham Reserve (Saturn Crescent Bushland Reserve) 114 Saturn Crescent Shared pathway, water (bubbler/tap)
Coolabah Crescent Park 27A Coolabah Crescent  Barbecue (electric), basketball half court, BMX track and cricket nets, fitness station, picnic area, playground (Cabbage Tree Creek), shared pathway, water (bubbler/tap) 
Darien Street Park (No. 29) Darien Street, off Beckett Road

Sporting facility

Read about the Darien Street Sport Park Expansion project

Fiddlewood Place Park 46 Arbour Street  
Flametree Street Park 33 Flametree Street  Barbecue (wood), picnic area, playground, water (bubbler/tap) 
Goldberg Place Park 165 Althorp Road Outdoor fitness/exercise equipment, playground
Habitat Place Park 6 Habitat Place  
Idonia Street Park 66 Idonia Street  
Jim Wilding Reserve (previously known as Tallowwood Place Park) 35 Tallowwood Place Dog off leash area (Karri Place), fitness station (Karri Place), shared pathway network, water (bubbler/tap/dog bowl)
Kensington Place Park 46 Chelsea Crescent Bikeway
Laguna Place Park 15 Laguna Place  
Myrtle Crescent Park 40 Bangalow Street   
Parkview Place Park 70 Darien Street  Shared pathway
Roghan Road Park (no. 2105) 2105 Roghan Road  
Travorten Drive Park 1 Travorten Drive Picnic area, playground, water (bubbler/drinking fountain)
Wattle Close Park 19 Wattle Close  
Wendon Way Park 70 Darien Street Activity space (basketball half court), barbecue (electric), outdoor fitness/exercise equipment, picnic area, playground, shared pathway, water (bubbler/tap)


04 July 2018