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Calamvale parks

Find the location of parks in Calamvale and information about their facilities.

Park name Location Facilities
Algester Road Park  35 Hailey Place Pathway, water (bubbler/tap)
Alpinia Place Park 100 Kameruka Street Shared pathway 
Beaudesert Road Park 2533 Beaudesert Road Clubhouse (Calamvale Leopards Aussie Rules), shared pathway, sporting fields 
Borage Place Park 54 Shelduck Place Playground 
Bundabah Drive Park 31 Bundabah Drive Barbecue, picnic area, playground 
Bundabah Drive Park (no. 55) 55 Bundabah Drive  
Calamvale District Park 31 Formby Street Barbecue, car park (Formby Street, Ormskirk Street), dog off leash area (Formby Street), picnic area, playground, public toilet, wi-fi

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Calamvista Park 20 Monsour Street  
Caravonica Court Park 59 Chateau Street Picnic area, playground, water (bubbler/tap/drinking fountain)
Clembury Place Park 60 Formby Street Playground 
Corypha Crescent Park 11 Raincliffe Place  
Currajong Street Park 34 Currajong Street Playground, water (bubbler/tap)
Cyril Sims Park 29 Marsala Street Half court, playground
Doulton Street Park 30 Doulton Street  
Eden Elm Street Park 14 Eden Elm Street Half court, playground, shared pathway
Hamish Street Park 70 Murphy Street Barbecue, dog off leash area, picnic area, playground 
Highlands Drive Park 25 Highlands Drive  Fitness station (Grange Street) 
Honeysuckle Way Park 66 Honeysuckle Way Barbecue, picnic area, playground
Juxgold Place Park 115 Kameruka Street  Shared pathway
Ming-Shan Park (previously known as Gowan Road Park) 841 Gowan Road Barbecues (wood, electric), bikeway & path network, car park, half court, picnic area (Gowan Road 1st & 2nd), playground (Gowan Road, Golden Avenue), rebound wall, water (bubbler/tap/dog bowl)
Monford Place Park 34 Palatine Street  
Ormskirk Street Park 15 Neiwand Street  
Parkland Street Park 25 Orania Crescent Playground (Orania Crescent) 
Peden Court Park 9 Peden Court Barbecue, picnic area, playground 
Perkins Street Park (Lot 403) 15 Perkins Street  
Riverina Street Park 47 Riverina Street  
Stevenson Street Park 9 Stevenson Street  
Sunflower Crescent Park 66 Honeysuckle Way Playground 
Tristania Close Park 18 Parklands Street Playground 
Tuberose Place Park 30 Calliandra Place  
Yewleaf Place Park 14 Yewleaf Place Playground 


15 February 2018