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Carindale parks

Find the location of parks in Carindale and information about their facilities.

Park name Location Facilities
Ablington Way Park 28 Ablington Way  
Alderbury Place Park 32 Kenilworth Place  
Anna Smith OBE Quota Park 1159 Old Cleveland Road  Barbecue (wood), picnic area, playground, water
Appleton Street Park 27 Olive Place  
Barnard Street Park 60 Bridgnorth Street Pathway
Belmont Hills Bushland (includes Belmont Hills Bushland Reserve, Kapam-Bah) 470 Weekes Road Bushland, habitat restoration site (Belmont Hills Conservation Group), car park, walking tracks (Vickermans Track)

View  Council's 'Belmont Hills Bushland' Flickr set.

Breene Court Park 15 Breene Court Bubbler/drinking fountain, picnic area, playground 
Bridgnorth Street Park (no. 71) 71 Bridgnorth Street Bubbler/tap, playground
Cadogan Street Park (includes Ken Madsen Place) 199 Meadowlands Road Playground, shared pathway
Carindale Recreation Reserve 27 Cadogan Street Barbecue, bubblers/drinking fountains/taps, car parking (Bedivere Street), dog off leash area including small dog off leash area, fitness circuit and activity space (Cadogan Street), picnic area (Bulimba Creek Outlook, Cadogan Street), district playground, toilet - fully accessible (Cadogan Street), shared pathway network, Wi-Fi, designated drone launching area

View photos in Council's 'Carindale Recreation Reserve' Flickr set.
Connah Crescent Park 20 Connah Crescent  
Coventry Circuit Park 127 Oakley Street  
Cribb Road Park 62 Cribb Road  Barbecue (electric), basketball half court (Oakley Street), bubblers/drinking fountain/taps (Oakley Street playground and picnic area), fitness station, pathway network, picnic area (Oakley Street), playground (Central, Oakley Street) 
Delaney Circuit Park 4 Delaney Circuit  
Dervel Street Park 7 Dervel Street  
Donnington Street Park North 5 Helmsley Court  
Donnington Street Park South 871 Creek Road Basketball/netball half court & playground (Creek Road)
Edwards Park 284 Cribb Road Basketball/netball half court, bubblers/taps (Picadilly Place Junior & Merion Place Junior playgrounds), cricket field, fitness trail with fitness stations, playgrounds (junior playgrounds are located near Picadilly Place and Portnarmock Way; senior playground is located in the centre of Edwards Park), shared pathway network
Flame Tree Crescent Park 28 Flame Tree Crescent  
Golden Oak Crescent Park 29 Golden Oak Crescent Bubbler/tap, playground
Grandview Place Park 19 Grandview Place Barbecue - wood, picnic area, playground, water
Greendale Park 61A Cribb Road Basketball/netball facility, playground, water
Hatherton Crescent Park 4 Delaney Circuit Playground
Helmsley Court Park 4 Helmsley Court  
Kenilworth Place Park 67 Kenilworth Place  
Meadowbank Street Park 114 Weekes Road Basketball/netball half court, bubbler/drinking fountain, shared pathway network, walking trail
Melrose Close Park 15 Melrose Close Playground
Newbury Place Park 61A Cribb Road Dog off-leash area, shared pathway
Oakmont Street Park 2A Oakmont Street  
Old Cleveland Road Park (no. 1230) 1230 Old Cleveland Road  
Old Cleveland Road Park (no. 52) 1349 Creek Road Shared pathway network, sporting field (Bedivere Street)
Pine Mountain Road Park 4 Delaney Circuit  
Redwood Street Park 71 Oakley Street  
Reynolds Street Park 14 Wright Street  
Riverston Court Park (road reserve) 1 Riverston Court Playground
Settlers Street Park 14 Scrub Road Shared pathway 
Sorrento Close Park 7 Sirocco Place  
Spring Creek Reserve (previously known as Woodland Street Park) 51 Woodland Street Shared pathway crossing Spring Creek
Surbiton Court Park (Bulimba Creek Bicentennial Park) 114 Weekes Road Barbecue, bubblers/taps, picnic area, shared pathway 
Turubul Crescent Park 13 Turubul Crescent Shared pathway
Winstanley Street Park 8 Rainsby Court Bubblers/taps, fitness station (near Eromanga Street), playground (Eromanga Street), shared pathway (Eromanga Street), walking trail (Bulimba Creek)
Wright Street Park 186 Wright Street Guides Queensland (Belmont), Carindale Scouts, Gumdale horse and pony club facility


26 October 2018