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Durack parks

Find the location of parks in Durack and information about their facilities.

Park name Location Facilities
Blunder Road Park (no. 750) 750 Blunder Road  
Delbridge Park 526 Blunder Road  Bowls club facility (Durack Inala)
Durella Street Park (Clive McDermott Place, The Durack Common) 144 Durrang Street  Barbecue (wood), basketball half court, bikeway and path network, dog off-leash area (Sycamore Street), picnic area, playground (Durella Street, Durrang Street, Sycamore Street) 
Hackney Street Park 15 Hackney Street  
Linacre Street Park 24 Linacre Street  
Old Oxley Treatment Works Park 455 Bowhill Road  
Oleander Crescent Park 322 King Avenue Playground 


21 March 2017