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Manly parks

Find the location of parks in Manly and information about their facilities.

Park name Location Facilities
Bayside Park (Narlung) 450 Esplanade Access road (Bayside & Little Bayside Park), barbecue (electric), bubblers/drinking fountain/taps/dog bowl (includes three wheelchair accessible bubblers with dog tap and bowl), playground, picnic area, public toilet, shared pathway

View the photos in Council's 'Bayside Parklands' Flickr set.
Darling Point Park (road reserve) 95 Lower Esplanade Bubbler/taps, car parking (Esplanade & Lower Esplanade), fitness trail (Lower Esplanade), shared pathway
Drevesen Park 83 Lower Esplanade Bayside Sea Scouts, booking site, pathway, playground, rebound wall
George Clayton Park (Wynnum Bandstand Park) 298 The Esplanade Wynnum Bandstand, accessible toilet, barbecue (wood, electric), booking site, bubblers/drinking fountain, car parking (Upper Esplanade, Lower Esplanade), pathway network, picnic area (playground, waterway), fenced playground, public toilet
Harman's Park 38 Curtis Street Playground, water
Little Bayside Park (road reserve) 42 Fairlead Crescent Manly Pool, bubblers/taps, car parking (Royal Esplanade), shared pathway network
Raeburn Street Park 36 Curtis Street Playground 
Richard Russell Park (Manly Monument Reserve) 184 Carlton Terrace Manly War Memorial, Savoyards Musicals Comedy Society 
RQYS Port Centre Park 578J Royal Esplanade Manly Harbour bird roosting site, bubbler/drinking fountain


10 October 2018