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McDowall parks

Find the location of parks in McDowall.

Park name Location Facilities
Beckett Road Park 60 Paramount Circuit Basketball half court (Paramount Circuit), playground (Paramount Circuit), shared pathway, water (bubbler/tap/dog bowl) 
Bisset Place Park 26 Bisset Place Barbecue (electric), picnic area (Sinatra Crescent), outdoor fitness/exercise equipment, playground (Sinatra Crescent), water (bubbler/tap/dog bowl)
Chermside Hills Reserve 31 Walker Street Bushland, car park, circuit track (Giwadha), picnic area (Trouts Road South), playground (Paramount Circuit), restoration site (Cabbage Tree Kids Bushcare Group), water (bubbler/tap)

View photos in Council's 'Chermside Hills Reserve' Flickr set.
Gum Nut Nook 27 Boulting Street Barbecue (electric), picnic area, playground, water (bubbler/tap/dog bowl) 
Hoffman Street Park 2 De Mille Street Access (Chermside Hills), cricket pitch 
Laurina Crescent 6 Laurina Crescent Playground 
Lyell Crescent Park 40 Lyell Crescent   
Malaga Street Park  71 Malaga Street  Water (bubbler/taps)
Margaret Street Park 29 Margaret Street  Playground 
McLeod Court Park 36 Margaret Street  Barbecue (electric), picnic area, water (bubbler/tap)
Old Northern Road Park (no. 315) 315 Old Northern Road   
Ponti Street Park 27 Ponti Street  
Savalas Street Park 52 Savalas Street  
Solar Park 128 Streisand Drive Barbecue (electric), picnic area (Elipse Street), playground (Eclipse Street) 
Speilberg Street Park 1069 Hamilton Road Basketball half court (Stallone Circuit), picnic area, playground (Stallone Circuit), restoration site (McDowall Bushcare Group), shared pathway network, water (bubbler/tap/dog bowl) 
Streisand Drive Park 99 Streisand Drive  Barbecue (electric), outdoor fitness/exercise equipment, pathway and skate trail, picnic area, outdoor fitness/exercise equipment, playgrounds (Galaxy Street & Di Vito Place), water (bubbler) 
Sunset Place Park 19 Sunset Place  Barbecue (electric), picnic area, playground, water (bubbler/tap) 
Tuckeroo Street Park 51 Tuckeroo Street    
Ustinov Crescent Park (Soroptomists Retreat) 57 Beckett Road Activity space (Lands Street), basketball half court, playground (Lands Street), water (bubbler) 


10 October 2018