Shorncliffe Pier Renewal Project

""The Shorncliffe Pier is Brisbane's largest timber pier and was constructed in the 1880s. It is one of the longest recreational piers in Australia, reaching approximately 350 metres out into Bramble Bay. It also forms part of the Sandgate/Shorncliffe foreshore and is a feature of Moora Park.

The pier is well known and used throughout the local community and is popular with residents and visitors to Brisbane. It is an iconic part of the Bramble Bay foreshore and holds great historic significance in the Brisbane City Council region.


Address Shorncliffe
Ward Deagon
Project outcome A renewed pier that that will last for generations to come. The renewed Shorncliffe Pier will pay homage to its rich history.
Latest update

Brisbane City Council is pleased to announce construction of the renewed Shorncliffe Pier is now complete.

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Project background

In March 2012, Brisbane City Council closed the pier to public access, due to safety concerns associated with the condition of the structure. A number of the pier’s piles, headstocks and girders were inspected and found to be in such poor condition that the risk of structural failure was too high to allow the pier to remain open for public use.

Following the consideration of a number of interim repair options, the Lord Mayor announced at the end of May 2012 that the pier would be renewed, with up to $20 million to be invested in the renewal. In November 2012, the Lord Mayor announced that $760,000 in funding would be fast-tracked to ensure the detailed design was completed by mid-2013 instead of June 2014. 

The pier removal works commenced in mid November 2014. Construction began in early 2015 and is now complete. The pier was officially opened to the public on Friday 25 March 2016 in conjunction with the Bluewater Festival.

Design of the renewed pier

The design of the renewed Shorncliffe Pier was released in mid-2013. The new structure is the same length, same width and on the same alignment as the existing pier. Some elements have been updated to ensure it can be enjoyed by more people for the next 100 years.

The renewed pier design includes:

  • a concrete and steel substructure
  • timber joists, decking, handrails and rotunda
  • a larger rotunda
  • a larger hammerhead at the end
  • a lower platform at the end of the pier.

The renewed pier also includes:

  • four fish cleaning stations
  • four water fountains
  • 20 light poles
  • seven bins
  • six safety ladders
  • four benches
  • fourteen seats
  • two picnic tables
  • a flag pole for yacht races.

Shorncliffe Pier Conservation Management Plan

Council developed its approach to the project in accordance with the principles and methods of the Burra Charter. As part of this process, Council developed the Shorncliffe Pier Conservation Management Plan. The plan helped to guide Council during the design of the pier to ensure the historical and community significance was maintained.

The plan was a guiding document for the conservation and management of the pier as an important heritage element within the cultural heritage place of the Bramble Bay Foreshores. The process of developing the plan allowed Council to consider any short and long term community, social and environmental effects of development and to consider alternatives to the use of non-renewable natural resources. The conservation policies included in the Plan were observed to protect the cultural significance of the pier during the renewal.

The plan included:

  • history of the pier (including a picture timeline)
  • design and causes of decay and failure
  • environmental factors considered
  • summary of the cultural significance of the pier
  • conservation actions and principles
  • Bramble Bay Foreshores, Sandgate Conservation Management Study Site Report
  • recent repair history outline.

Project timeline

The following project works have been completed.

Date Completed works
March 2012 Council closed the pier to public access due to safety concerns associated with the condition of the structure. Extensive damage was caused by marine borers.
May 2012 At the end of May 2012, the Lord Mayor announced that the pier would be renewed.
August 2012 Council completed a series of hydrographic and geotechnical surveys around the pier.
November 2012 The Lord Mayor announced that some funding would be fast-tracked to ensure the detailed design was completed by mid-2013 instead of June 2014.
Early 2013 GHD was awarded the tender to undertake the detailed design of the renewed Shorncliffe Pier.
Mid-2013 Council released the final design of the renewed Shorncliffe Pier and commenced the required planning applications.
Mid-2014 Council purchased timber for the renewed pier so that it could be seasoned before installation.
November 2014 Council awarded the construction tender to Golding Contractors. Works began on site to remove the existing pier.
March 2015 A temporary platform for construction was built adjacent to the pier.
April 2015 Removal of the existing pier was completed. Works to rebuild the Shorncliffe Pier began including piling works.
August 2015 Piling works were completed.
Mid-September 2015 Works to install the timber joists and decking began.
25 March 2016 The pier was officially opened to the public by Lord Mayor Graham Quirk at the Bluewater Festival.

More information

For information about the Shorncliffe Pier Renewal Project, you can phone Council on 3403 8888. 


14 March 2018