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Taigum parks

Find the location of parks in Taigum and information about their facilities.

Park name Location Facilities
Beams Road Park (no. 399) 399 Beams Road  
Cassia Place Park 20 Cassia Place Playground
Corella Crescent Park 6 Corella Crescent  
Fernwood Place Park 31 Liberty Drive  
Ghostgum Close Park 8 Ghostgum Close  
Ginko Close Park 45 Jagera Circuit  
Gumnut Street Park 69 Gumnut Street  
Haywal Street Park 11 Haywal Street Barbecue, picnic area, playground
Haywal Street (no.55) Park 47 Haywal Street  
Jagera Circuit Park 74 Jagera Circuit  
Layson Street Park 56 Layson Street  
Longbill Place 45 Longbill Place  
Lyrebird Close Park 12 Lyrebird Close  
Oriole Street Park 12 Oriole Street  
Poplar Place Park 31 Poplar Place  
Regent Close Park 20 Regent Close  
Roghan Road Park (no.354) 354 Roghan Road  
Roghan Road Park (no.335) 335 Roghan Road  
Songbird Way Park 26 Songbird Way Playground
Taigum Place Park 120 Lemke Road Sea Hawkes AFL fields and licenced club, bikeway, playground - fully fenced
Teal Place Park 13 Teal Place  


03 March 2017