Advertising signs glossary

Advertisement: an advertisement or sign that is visible from a road or other public place and includes a structure that forms part of the advertisement or sign, or to which it is attached, or on which it is exhibited.

Advertising package: all advertisements proposed to be exhibited on, or in relation to, a large development.

City Malls precinct: the pedestrian malls known as Queen Street Mall, Valley Mall (Brunswick Street) and Chinatown Mall.

Commercial Character Building: a premises indicated on the Scheme Maps in Brisbane City Plan 2014 which include buildings that usually have the following characteristics:

  • constructed pre 1946
  • a non-residential gross floor area of less than 250 square metres
  • built to the alignment
  • an awning over the footpath
  • designed for commercial activities or for use as a corner or local store or a small shopping group.

First party advertising: the advertising of any product or service which is produced or performed at the premises on which the advertisement is located.

Heritage place: a place identified as of cultural heritage significance and listed in accordance with the Queensland Heritage Act 1992 or listed as a Heritage place in City Plan 2014.

Large development: a development where the impact of advertising is intensified because of the scale of individual signs or the exhibition of multiple types of sign, both on and off a site. Examples include shopping centres, motor vehicle sales yards and new residential estates.

State controlled road: a road so designated under the Transport Infrastructure Act 1994.

Last updated:9 May 2019