Racehorse permits

Brisbane City Council regulates the keeping of racehorses under the Animals Local Law 2017. 

When you need a permit

You must have a permit to keep a racehorse unless keeping the racehorse is authorised under a development approval issued by Council. You must also contact Council to register any premises for stabling racehorses in Brisbane.


A permit holder may request Council to amend the conditions of a permit. Payment of fees will be required when you lodge your application to Council. The number of racehorses kept will determine the annual permit fee.

The following fees are current as at 1 July 2019.

Racehorse fee structure summary.
Number of racehorses Permit fee (GST exempt)
1-9 $293.35
10-14 $487.40
15-19 $584.45
20-24 $649.55
25 or more $731.15

Application to amend conditions of permit by permit holder: $111.35

How to apply

  1. Development approval
    Development approval may be required to keep racehorses depending on the location.  If the keeping of racehorses is authorised by a development approval, a permit under the Animals Local Law 2017 will not be required.
  2. Permit application
    Complete the Application for a permit to keep a racehorse online form and pay the application using a Visa or Mastercard.
    You will be contacted within 20 working days to arrange an inspection. 

Alternatively you can apply by completing the hard copy form

Amendment of permit condition(s)

A permit holder may request Council to amend the conditions of a permit. To do so,  complete the Amendment of Permit Conditions online form if you wish to amend the condition(s) of your animal permit. Please be aware that the application must be accompanied with the relevant fee.


After approval has been given, you will receive a permit renewal notice every 12 months. 


To surrender a permit to keep a racehorse, complete the Licence or permit surrender application online form.

More information

For further information phone Council’s Business Hotline on 133 BNE (133 263), 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Last updated:20 May 2020