Cleansing and sanitising - video transcript

Brisbane City Council is committed to promoting safe food practices in order to support small businesses and protect the health of our city’s residents and visitors.

This video provides tips on how to:
•    keep your premises clean
•    clean and sanitise equipment, utensils and surfaces.

Tip 1: Use a dishwasher to sanitise cooking equipment and utensils.

Throw food scraps into the bin.

Rinse the dishes before placing them in a dishwasher.

Tip 2: Use a chemical sanitiser or bleach to sanitise utensils and cooking equipment, if you do not have a dishwasher or the items cannot fit in the dishwasher.

Pull apart equipment with small parts.

Rinse all parts.

Check instructions on diluting sanitiser.

Wash in soapy water.

Immerse equipment and utensils in sanitiser.

Allow to air dry.

Tip 3: Clean and sanitise all surfaces that come into contact with food.

Clean working surfaces.

Check instructions on diluting sanitiser.

Spray surfaces.

Follow instructions for air drying or rinsing off sanitiser.

Tip 4: Keep the premises clean to prevent cross-contamination and pests.

Use a cleaning schedule to keep track of tasks.

Walk around the business to check what items need cleaning and make notes accordingly.

Check hard-to-reach places.

Clean up spills straight away.

Use different cloths for cleaning different areas.

Managers should check if all cleaning tasks have been completed at the end of the day and make notes accordingly.

Give feedback to staff and provide more training if needed.

More information

To find out more, visit and search for Eat Safe Brisbane or call Council’s Business Hotline on 133 BNE (133 263), 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Last updated:1 July 2019