Student rooming accommodation

Brisbane City Council has a register that lists off-site student rooming accommodation properties. To register, property owners need to nominate a person who is responsible for the day-to-day maintenance and operation of the property. Property owners may nominate themselves or any other person, such as a property manager.

If you are providing rooming accommodation in an existing house in a residential area, it may need to be assessed or approved by a private building certifier for compliance with the relevant building codes. If this is the case, Council would still like you to register, provided you are willing and committed to obtaining the relevant approvals in a reasonable timeframe. By registering, Council will provide support while you arrange for this to be carried out.

How to register

To register or update your details, complete the Student rooming accommodation online form and submit.

Note: you must be the owner of the property in order to register a property with Council.

The personal information collected on this form will be used by Council for the purpose of maintaining a register of all known student rooming accommodation premises and resolving minor compliance and nuisance issues. Your personal information will not be disclosed to any third party without your consent unless required or permitted to do so by law.


If you would like to deregister your property, complete the Student rooming accommodation deregistration form and submit.

Rooming accommodation for individuals who are not students

If you are providing or offering rooming accommodation to individuals who are not students, it is recommended that you contact the Queensland Government Department of Housing and Public Works as you may need to be registered and accredited as a service provider under the Residential Services (Accreditation) Act 2002.

More information

For more information about rooming accommodation and the Student Rooming Accommodation register, you can:

Last updated:13 May 2019