Dog registration fees

Find out Brisbane City Council's dog registration fees, including discounts for pensioners, desexed dogs, government entity dogs and guide and assistance dogs.

All yearly registration fees for dogs are valid from 1 July 2018 and are Goods and Services Tax (GST) exempt.

Dog registration concessions

You will receive a concession on your dog registration if:

  • your dog is desexed
  • you hold a current Centrelink Pensioner concession card
  • you hold a Veterans' Affairs Repatriation Health card - for all conditions (Gold Card)
  • you are a current member of either Dogs Queensland or the Greyhound Racing Authority.

Fees for non-desexed, desexed and assistance dogs

Find the applicable dog registration fee. Different fees apply for dangerous or menacing dogs. Concessions may also apply if you belong to a listed association.

Dog registration full fees and pensioner fees.
Registration typeFull feePensioner fees
Non-desexed dog$142Pensioner owners receive a  50% reduction on the non-pensioner fee
Desexed dog$49.50Pensioner owners receive a  50% reduction on the non-pensioner fee
Guide, hearing and assistance dogsNo feeNo fee
Government entity dog (e.g. police or customs dog)No feeNo fee

Failure to register your dog (from three months of age) annually may result in a $243 fine.

Fees for dangerous or menacing dogs

Registration fees and reduced fees for dangerous and menacing dogs.
Registration typeFull feeReduced fee*
Dangerous dog$557.30$185.05
Non-desexed menacing dog$557.30$185.05
Desexed menacing dog$557.30$117.30

*Granted in subsequent years upon successful performance review and continuing compliance with the conditions set.

Association concessions

The following concessions apply to your dog registration if you are a current member of one of the associations listed in the table below.

Breeder, show, association concession fees and pensioner fees.
CriteriaFull feePensioner fees
Dogs Queensland$49.50Pensioner owners receive a  50% reduction on the non-pensioner fee
Greyhound Racing Authority (for Greyhounds only)$49.50Pensioner owners receive a  50% reduction on the non-pensioner fee

Desexed pets

If your dog is desexed, you will need to specify this on the animal registration application to receive the concessional rate. You will need to specify details of the vet who undertook the procedure and the date the procedure took place.

If your dog is too young to be desexed at the time of registration, the desexed rate will be charged. When your next registration is due, the full fee will be charged if the dog is not desexed.

No additional concession is offered for dogs that are microchipped.

Last updated:30 April 2019