Declared regulated animals

An animal, other than a dog, may be investigated and declared regulated if:

  • it has seriously attacked a person or another animal, or
  • in the opinion of an authorised person, having regard to the way the animal has behaved, there is a reasonable risk it may seriously attack a person or another animal.

When an animal is found to be a declared regulated animal, the keeper of the animal is given conditions that are required to be complied with. These relate to the animal enclosure and may require the keeper of the animal to take measures to warn persons about the presence of the animal at the premises.


Declared regulated animal registration fees:

  • first year and/or non-compliance with the conditions of keeping and the performance of the animal - $571.25
  • subsequent years on successful performance review and the continuing compliance with conditions of the declaration - $189.70.

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Last updated: 24 June 2019