Frequently asked questions about driveway permits

Brisbane City Council has provided a list of frequently asked questions to assist you when you apply for a driveway permit.

The frequently asked questions relate to:

Location obstacles

Can I remove the footpath to construct my driveway?

You must remove the existing concrete footpath before installing the new driveway. It is recommended that this be done at the foothpath expansion joints.

How far do I have to build my driveway away from my neighbour’s driveway?

The driveway must be constructed within your property (including kerb tapers). The kerb tapers must be 600mm wide on either side of the driveway and must be located within your property boundary.

Design and construction

What is the maximum/minimum width my driveway can be?

The minimum width for all driveways is 2.5 metres. 

Maximum width for:

  • small lots (defined as under 450sq or average width of lot less than 15m) is three metres, not including tapers
  • standard lots with double garage is five metres
  • standard lots with single garage is four metres.

What if I can’t meet Council’s requirements and guidelines?

Alternatives may be available. Council’s Built Environment and Land Use Officers can provide you with advice to help you achieve an acceptable solution. To request advice from a Council officer, contact Council.

Can I construct two driveways to access my property?

Council allows a second driveway only where it is deemed suitable. All applications for a second driveway require a full assessment by a council officer. The assessment to decide if a second driveway is suitable may include a review of public safety hazard, gradient of the land and other site specific or roadway considerations.

Can I place materials on the footway to construct my driveway?

Materials can be placed on the footway during construction, however you must obtain a footway permit first. Pedestrian safety must be maintained at all times. This includes signage to warn of footway closures or arrangements for pedestrians to still access the footway over the job site.

Can my neighbour and I share driveway access (not an easement)?

This is not a recommended option, however it is up to the property owners' to come to an amicable agreement. Consideration should be given to construction and ongoing maintenance costs, and the likelihood of ownership changes.  Any disputes arising from the shared driveway will remain a civil matter. The maximum driveway width would still be applicable in these cases.

Who is a licenced professional?

Licenced professionals can include:

  • building designers
  • builders
  • architects
  • building certifiers
  • civil engineers
  • contractors (e.g. concreters, bricklayers, etc)
  • landscapers.

You should only engage or use a person or business that is fully licensed with the Queensland Building and Construction Commission

Other approvals

Do I need a Council permit for building a driveway on a private road or Department of Main Roads controlled roads?

All driveways require a permit from Council to be constructed.  If the driveway leads onto a Main Roads controlled road, a separate approval from Department of Transport and Main Roads is required prior to obtaining a permit from Council.

My house/street is heritage listed does my driveway need to comply?

You will still need a driveway permit. Additional approvals, such as development approval, may also be required depending on the specific heritage listing.

My development approval already has driveway conditions, do I still need a driveway permit?

You must still obtain a permit before constructing your driveway.

Last updated:30 April 2019