Proposed Advertising Devices Local Law 2021

As part of the commitment to deliver a well-designed, safe, and accessible city, Brisbane City Council is proposing to introduce the Advertising Devices Local Law 2021 (the proposed local law) and supporting rules. The proposed local law will repeal and replace the Advertisements Local Law 2013, Advertisements Subordinate Local Law 2005 and provisions contained within Chapter 19 – Queen Street Mall Local Law 1996.

The proposed local law will apply to all advertising devices in Brisbane and aims to ensure advertising devices are located, designed and operated to complement or at the very least, avoid where practicable, or minimise adverse impacts:

  1. to the established or planned characteristics of the site, streetscapes and neighbourhood and
  2. on the natural environment and
  3. to the amenity of the site, surrounding areas and the region and
  4. on the cultural heritage significance of a heritage place, including any Aboriginal cultural values
  5. on essential standards of public safety including the safety and efficient operation of the transport network, including the movement of pedestrians, cyclists, vehicles and aircrafts.

Why is a new local law being proposed?

In response to community concerns, the Advertisements Interim Local Law 2020 (interim local law) was introduced in November 2020, to amend the Advertisements Subordinate Local Law 2005 to prohibit high impact electronic display component advertising devices in locations of character across the city.  The interim local law also introduced provisions to ensure the construction or installation of advertising devices is completed within 12 months. 

The interim local law is due to expire on 20 May 2021; for these provisions to continue to have effect, Council must go through the local law-making process which includes public consultation.

The proposed local law adopts the provisions introduced under the interim local law. Further, the proposed local law adopts modernised drafting and provides for a regulatory framework that allows Council to respond to advancements in technology, industry innovation and changes in community expectations.  The proposed local law will provide businesses, residents and organisations with a clear regulatory framework that results in greater certainty and improved consistency with regard to advertising devices.

Under this framework, Council also proposes to make two rules to support the administration of the proposed local law. The proposed rules are the Permitted Advertising Devices Rule and the Advertising Devices Design and Assessment Rule.

Community consultation

Public consultation on the proposed local law and rules is now closed.


This table provides information on the timeline of the community consultation of the proposed local law including dates and activities.
23 March 2021 Council proposed to make the Advertising Devices Local Law 2021
24 March to 15 April 2021 Public consultation including an opportunity to have your say on the proposed changes
24 March to 22 April 2021 Queensland Government review
April to May 2021 Submission review
Mid-late May  Council adoption and gazettal

More information

For more information about the proposed local law and rules, you can:

  • email the project team 
  • phone Council on 07 3403 8888
  • write to:
    Compliance and Regulatory Services
    Lifestyle and Community Services
    Brisbane City Council
    GPO Box 1434
    Brisbane Qld 4001.
Last updated: 4 May 2021