Complaints and fines

There are regulations and restrictions around noise, light, stormwater run-off, graffiti, air and water pollution and other nuisance and environmental issues. Find out whether you can make a complaint to Council and about the complaints process.

Complaints process

Council's complaints process

Council encourages people to talk to their neighbours about nuisance problems before making a complaint. Read about Council's complaints process.
Noise, air, light and water pollution

Noise, air, light and water complaints

Council can investigate complaints about noise, odour, smoke, ash, fumes, light and other forms of pollution. Read the guidelines and find out about acceptable levels and when you can make a complaint.

Stormwater pollution, runoff and drainage

Stormwater pollution, runoff and drainage problems can cause issues. Find out what sorts of complaints Council can investigate.

Illegal dumping

Illegal dumping of household and building rubbish can damage the environment. Find out how to make complaint.

Overgrown land and pests

Read about the regulations on pest animals, unsightly vegetation and overgrown land.

Fences and boundaries

Find out about hazardous fencing materials and how neighbour disputes over fencing are handled.

Abandoned vehicles & trolleys

You can make a complaint about abandoned vehicles. Shopping trolleys left outside of shopping precincts can be reported to the retailer.

Building appearances

Buildings in the Fortitude Valley area must be maintained to a standard which does not detract from other buildings in the area.


Find out how to report graffiti sightings and what Council is doing to prevent graffiti.

Dispute a fine

Learn about Council's fine and infringement appeals process, and how to lodge a dispute.

Pay a bill, fine or infringement

Council provides an easy and secure way to pay many different types of bills, infringements, renewals and fines.