Noise, air, light and water complaints

Brisbane City Council is responsible for investigating some noise, light, air and water complaints.

The Environmental Protection Act 1994 regulates residential, commercial and industrial noise nuisances, air pollution and water pollution.  It also includes an emission criteria for light nuisance.

""Noise restrictions and complaints

Find out about noise restrictions, including information on barking dogs, building noise, air conditioners and restrictions on other devices.

""Air and odour complaints

Read about the regulations and the kinds of air and odour complaints Council will investigate. Includes information on smoke, ash, dust, fumes and chemical spray.

""Light and glare complaints

Council investigates complaints about light and glare that come from advertising signs, and commercial and private properties.

""Stormwater pollution, runoff and drainage

Stormwater runoff can be a common problem for many Brisbane residents resulting in environmental harm. Read about the complaint process.