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Dirt and dust complaints

Brisbane City Council, residents and businesses all have a role to play in managing dust pollution in our community.

Everyone has a responsibility not to cause unreasonable dust emission and a nuisance to others, as dust inhalation (e.g. cement dust, silica dust) can affect human health. Environmental nuisance is considered unreasonable interference (or likely interference) with an environmental value caused by emissions of particles (including dust).

When investigating a dust complaint, Council considers the:

  • amount of dust being emitted
  • duration and rate of emission and the dust's characteristics and qualities
  • sensitivity of the environment into which the dust is being emitted and the impact it may have.

Tips to reduce dust emissions include:

  • Consider weather conditions before starting work and avoid working in windy conditions.
  • Retain vegetation - even low or small amounts of grass and plants can reduce the amount of dust leaving a site.
  • Have a work plan for how you are going to manage dust.
  • Use any on-site mulch or materials as a dust barrier.
  • Erect a dust fence or consider planting a row of trees.
  • Cover your load when driving.
  • Use property access points located away from neighbours.
  • Limit vehicle speeds and reduce the time vehicles use unsealed roads. 
  • Water topsoil and dusty areas.
  • Use products such as hydromulch for dust suppression on large areas.
  • When planning to sand surfaces, check your paint is safe as Council does not permit sanding of lead-based paint due to its toxicity. 

How to lodge a complaint

Find out how to lodge a complaint about an environmental nuisance issue.

27 February 2019