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Odour complaints

Brisbane City Council, residents and businesses all have a role to play in managing odour pollution in our community.

When investigating an odour complaint, Council considers the:

  • amount of odour being emitted
  • duration and rate of emission and the odour's characteristics and qualities
  • sensitivity of the environment into which the odour is being emitted and the impact it may have.

Ways you can reduce odour emissions include:

  • keep your property tidy and don't allow vegetation or rubbish to accumulate
  • consider weather conditions before starting work (e.g. apply fertiliser on calm days and avoid wet weather conditions that may increase fertiliser odour)
  • enclose or cover compost bins and piles of vegetation
  • turn compost regularly to aerate the contents. 

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How to lodge a complaint

Find out how to lodge a complaint about an environmental nuisance issue.

28 February 2019