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Smoke nuisance from wood fired heaters

All wood fired heaters produce smoke which can be harmful to people’s health and annoy neighbours. 

The potential health impacts and amount of annoyance wood smoke can cause neighbours depends on the frequency and duration of exposure, their sensitivity and health status.

Wood heater owner/user responsibilities

It is unlawful to cause a smoke nuisance for neighbours under the Queensland Government’s Environmental Protection Act 1994

It is the responsibility of the owner/operator of a wood fired heater to prevent smoke nuisance to neighbours and the community. To prevent smoke nuisance you should:

  • install your wood heater correctly
  • locate your chimney away from neighbours
  • ensure correct fuel use, operation, monitoring of smoke emissions and maintenance

Read Council's Wood Heater Guide for important information on choosing, installing and opeating a wood heater.

If a complaint is received about smoke nuisance from a wood fired heater a letter will be sent to the complainant and the owner of the wood heater. 

  1. Brisbane City Council will investigate the complaint. 
  2. Information about the correct operation of a wood heater will be sent.
  3. Both the complainant and the owner need to make written records of the use of the wood heater and smoke emissions. 
  4. If the smoke nuisance continues a warning may be issued. 
  5. If it continues an on the spot fine and further non-compliance may result in further enforcement action.

How to lodge a complaint

Find out how to lodge a complaint.

06 December 2018