Permitted signs for common uses

Some signs may be permitted for common uses such as small business, home business, garage sales, real estate, clubs, charities, builders and developers.


Home business sign

If you are running a business from home you are permitted to display a small sign advertising the business. Find out the requirements.

Real estate signs

There are a range of signs that are permitted for real estate agents, including sales signs, footway signs, rental signs, small new estate signs and non-residential sales signs. The advertiser must have public liability insurance and comply with the permitted sign requirements.

Garage sale signs

Find out what signs you can have to promote your garage sale, and make sure your signs comply with the rules.

Election Signs

There are different requirements for election signs on private property, public property, polling day stalls and signs and mobile election signs. Read about Council's election signage guidelines and applications.

Small business signs

A range of signs are generally allowed for small business, including awning fascia sign, blind or canopy sign, temporary bunting and streamers, commercial flag, business promotion, information sign, under awning and window sign.

Club and charity signs

Common signs that are permitted for clubs and charities include community events signs, sporting field fence signs, information signs and statutory signs.

Builder and developer signs

A range of signs are permitted for builders and developers including construction project directory sign, construction site fence sign and construction site sign.