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Caravan Parks and Relocatable Home Parks

Council regulates caravan parks and relocatable home parks under the Caravan Parks and Relocatable Home Parks Local Law 2000 to ensure they are maintained in a clean and hygienic condition and appropriate facilities are provided.

When you need a permit

Under the local law the use of an area of land for accommodation of any of the following requires a permit from Council:

  • caravan
  • cabin
  • tent or other structure that can be readily assembled and disassembled
  • relocatable home.


Payment of an application fee is required when you lodge your Caravan Parks and Relocatable Home Parks Permit Application:  

Application type Each issue of certificate Each design requirement assessment fee Fee
New application with plans $114.05 $375.50 $4.90 each site
Transfer $114.05 N/A $4.90 each site
Amendment (significant) $114.05 $375.50 $4.90 each site
Permit renewal $114.05 N/A $4.90 each site

These fees do not attract GST.

How to apply

  1. Planning Approval
    Find out if you need planning approval. If you need planning approval, you must obtain this before you can apply for a Caravan Park or Relocatable Home Park Permit.  
  2. Plans
    For new permit applications you will need to provide:
    - two sets of plans drawn to scale
    - site plan
    - all plans not larger than A3 and clearly legible 
    - copies of certification for all buildings and structures that require approval, including swimming pool fencing (obtained from Council or a private certifier)
    - sustainability statements (optional)
    - proof of charity status if requesting reduced fee.
  3. Caravan Parks and Relocatable Home Parks Permit Application  
    Download and complete the Caravan Parks and Relocatable Home Parks Permit Application (PDF)
    To lodge hard copy application forms you can:
    - visit Council and make a payment in person
    - mail the application with a cheque for the correct fee to: 
      Brisbane City Council
      GPO Box 1434
      Brisbane Qld 4001.

You will receive an outcome regarding your application in 20 working days.  


After approval, Council will issue a renewal notice every 12 months. 

Other approvals to consider 

Inspection request

If you are planning to purchase an existing caravan park or need to demonstrate compliance for an insurance or bank application, you can request an inspection report outlining the current compliance status of the premises/activity.

Complete the Inspection Report Request online application and make payment with Visa or Mastercard.


To surrender a Caravan Park or Relocatable Home Park Permit, complete the Licence or Permit surrender application online form.

More information

The Local Government Toolbox provides helpful tools and resources.

For further information phone Council's Business Hotline on 133 BNE (133 263), 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

02 July 2018