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Heavy or large vehicle movements

Mortimer Road B-double truck route decommission
Mortimer Road between Beaudesert Road and Beatty Road in Acacia Ridge will be decommissioned for B-double use from 9 January 2015. B-doubles will not be legally allowed to use this section of road from that date. Find out more or view alternative route options in a map.

From 10 February 2014, the National Heavy Vehicle Regulator (NHVR), in accordance with the Heavy Vehicle National Law (HVNL), has administered one set of regulations for heavy vehicles over 4.5 tonnes gross vehicle mass, delivering a comprehensive range of services within a nationally consistent framework.

The NHVR also manages the National Heavy Vehicle Accreditation Scheme, the Performance-Based Standards Scheme and vehicle approvals nationally.

The NHVR has had a massive influx of access permit applications, resulting in processing delays. To reduce the impact this is having on Queensland's heavy vehicle industry, Queensland Transport and Main Roads (TMR) has been given temporary authority to process some applications for the NHVR.

Access permit applications for Class 1 Oversize or Overmass (OSOM) and Special Purpose Vehicles with routes entirely within Queensland should be submitted directly to TMR.

The NHVR will continue to deal with all other access permit applications.

Brisbane City Council no longer accepts heavy vehicle applications for access to Brisbane's roads. All requests must be made through either the NHVR or TMR.

Applications to NHVR

You can download NHVR road access application forms for the following permits:

  • agricultural vehicles
  • B-doubles
  • Class 3 (miscellaneous) vehicles
  • controlled access buses (12.5 metres to 14.5 metres long)
  • higher mass limit (HML) vehicles
  • oversized and overmass (OSOM) vehicle trips that cross the Queensland state border
  • Performance-Based Standards (PBS) vehicles
  • special-purpose vehicles (SPV) and special oversize loads
  • tow trucks.

Applications to TMR

Applications for Class 1 Oversize, Overmass and Special Purpose Vehicles with routes entirely within Queensland should be made to TMR using the following process:

  1. Complete the New Permit Application form available from the TMR website.
  2. Collect supporting documents of local government consent if available.
  3. Send the completed application form with supporting documents by email.
  4. Phone TMR to obtain your Permit Application Number:
    • Brisbane for South Queensland on 07 3066 5514
    • Rockhampton for North Queensland on 07 4931 1637.
  5.  For trips that require police escorts, complete an Application for Special Services form and ensure the Permit Application Number is recorded in the top right-hand corner.
  6. Send the Application for Special Services by email. For police escorts phone 1300 105 647.
  7. Make applications as necessary to other infrastructure owners (rail, energy, telecommunications, ports).


08 January 2015