Event sustainability guidelines

Brisbane. Clean, Green, Sustainable 2017-2031 highlights our city's key environmental achievements and outlines future goals and commitments to make Brisbane a cleaner, greener and more sustainable city, with more to see and do. Every year, Brisbane City Council helps to deliver more than 50,000 markets, festivals and events to enrich Brisbane's cultural, and social life, attract visitors, businesses and new residents and strengthen our reputation as a New World City.

Council has developed the following guidelines to help event organisers incorporate sustainable principles into the planning of their events. Every event is different and each presents different opportunities for improved sustainability. It won’t all be achieved in one go, but every change is a step in the right direction.


Use these event sustainability guidelines to enhance the environmental outcomes for your event.


Waste and resource recovery - event sustainability guidelines

Plan your waste management by implementing general waste, recycling and organic waste streams, avoiding the use of plastic pollutants and encouraging your stakeholders and patrons to work with you to reduce waste at your event.



Travel and transport - event sustainability guidelines

Getting people and goods to and from your event has the potential to create significant emissions. Use this page to find out how to promote the best sustainable travel and transport options.


Water, waterways and natural environment - event sustainability guidelines

Learn how to protect our water, waterways and natural environment when planning your event. Prohibiting the use of helium balloons, plastic drink bottles and plastic straws are easy steps toward keeping Brisbane clean, green and sustainable. 


Communication and marketing - event sustainability guidelines

Adopting sustainability principles and highlighting them in the promotion of your event will help educate the community and encourage your stakeholders to participate.


Venues and catering - event sustainability guidelines

Learn how the venue and location can contribute to sustainable, social and economic outcomes.


Clean air and energy - event sustainability guidelines

Use this page to reduce air impacts and the amount of energy used by your event.

Top sustainability tips

To help you plan and run a great event that helps keep Brisbane clean, green and sustainable, read our top sustainability tips.

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You may also like to read ISO 20121:2012, Event sustainability management systems - requirements with guidance for use - a voluntary international standard for sustainable event management created by the International Organisation for Standardisation.