Food business licences

If you are starting a new food business, you may need a food business licence from Brisbane City Council. You may also need a new food business licence if you are taking over an existing food business. Find information for new and existing food licences and requirements for footpath and outdoor dining in malls.

""Starting a new food business

Find Council's requirements for starting a new food business and information on the food business licence process. 

""Information for existing food licensees

All licensed food premises must have an approved food safety supervisior and food safety program. Council rates food premises under the Eat Safe Brisbane food safety rating scheme. Find out how to renew, withdraw, or amend a food business licence, as well as requirements to renovate your food business. Request an inspection report for the current compliance status of your food business.

""Food business forms

Quick access to all the application forms for food businesses.

""Taking over an existing food business

If you are buying a food business that is already operating, you need to apply for a food business licence from Council. You must receive approval before you start trading. 

""Footpath dining

If you have an existing food business and want to offer dining on the footpath outside your premises, you may require a footpath dining permit from Council.

""Outdoor dining in malls

Council regulates outdoor dining in the Queen Street and Valley Malls to ensure pedestrian access and safety. Food businesses in these malls need a permit to have tables and chairs outside their premises.