Light up Brisbane and hang a bridge banner

Some of Brisbane City Council's public buildings, bridges and other structures are available for themed coloured lighting or banners to help promote events or not-for-profit awareness.

Light Up Brisbane

Find out about scheduled light ups of Brisbane City Council assets to promote or raise awareness for events or campaigns.

Light up a Council asset

Light up the Story Bridge or other available Brisbane assets to help promote your event, festival or not-for-profit awareness campaign. Find information on Light Up fees, eligibility criteria, and the application process and conditions for lighting up Council assets.

Hang a bridge banner

You can raise awareness of your event, festival, or not-for-profit awareness campaign by advertising it on a banner hung from a number of key locations across Brisbane. Council will even hang and remove your banner for you.


A standard package of three locations for bridge banners and two light-ups is available or Council can help tailor a banner and light up package to meet your needs and budget.

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For more information or to tailor your needs:

Photo gallery

View examples of Brisbane's icons with lighting and banners in a photo gallery as a slideshow, or view the photos individually as part of Council's Flickr account.