Public Land and Council Assets Local Law 2014

The Public Land and Council Assets Local Law 2014 commenced on 7 November 2014. The law includes a range of measures that help activate our city and ensure assets remain accessible and safe for all to use.

Under the Public Land and Council Assets Local Law 2014 some activities or works on Council land or assets require Brisbane City Council approval.

Council land and assets include but are not limited to:

  • parks
  • roads
  • footpaths
  • other Council infrastructure and land.


Brisbane is a growing city with increasing demands on our parks. Council cares for and manages these valuable assets for the residents and visitors of our city to share in a safe and friendly environment.


Using or closing a road or footway

You may need a footway permit for certain activities on Council's footpaths and roads, including closures and adding a planter box. Read guidelines and find out how you can apply.


Driveway permits

If you are going to build, repair or modify a driveway, you must apply for a driveway permit to cross the footway.


Works on roads and footways

Council supports work on Council property such as roads and footways when this is required as part of construction work or business operations. Council regulates these activities to ensure public health and safety.


Standing street stall, booth, stand, vehicle or tables or chairs

If you want to set up or use a stall, booth, stand, tables or chairs (not associated with footpath dining) or stationary vehicle on or in a road or on the footpath for commercial or promotional purposes, you will need a permit from Brisbane City Council.


Commercial activities on council roads

Under the Public Land and Council Assets Local Law 2014 Council regulates commercial activities on Council roads.


Malls management

Brisbane has three main malls - Queen Street, Brunswick Street and the Chinatown mall. Penalties may apply for breaches of the local laws in these areas.


Removal, Storage, Sale or Disposal of Vehicles and Articles from Council Assets

Under the Public Land and Council Assets Local Law 2014 Council can confiscate articles and vehicles left on Council land and roads. Confiscated articles and vehicles can be released or disposed.


15 February 2016