Becoming an accredited RiskSMART consultant

As a Brisbane City Council accredited RiskSMART consultant, you are able to offer your clients a quicker, cheaper and more efficient option for low-risk development proposals. This may have flow-on benefits for your business.

Benefits of accreditation

There are several benefits of becoming an accredited RiskSMART consultant including:

  • a five-day timeframe from lodgement of a decision-ready application to final decision
  • an additional service for consultants to offer clients
  • a discounted application fee
  • development applications without information requests
  • greater certainty of outcomes
  • listing on Council's website as an accredited RiskSMART consultant
  • opportunities to foster relationships with Council and attend regular forums and events
  • receiving and providing ongoing feedback and evaluation
  • access to the relevant Council tools and templates.

Who can apply

A person, including a company or other legal entity, providing a consultancy service may apply. For the purposes of RiskSMART, we refer to such an entity as a consultant.

A consultant must nominate an employee or director as the person responsible for assessing a proposal against the lodgement criteria, application type criteria, Brisbane City Plan 2014 and lodging an application with recommended conditions appropriate to the proposed development. For the purposes of RiskSMART, Council refers to such a person as a 'nominated professional'. A consultant may nominate more than one person to be a nominated professional. Each consultant is able to have a maximum two nominated professionals. Council may consider an additional nominated professional in exceptional circumstances.

A consultant will not be eligible to apply for accreditation if Council has ceased their accreditation within the previous 12 months.

Application requirements

To be eligible to apply for accreditation a consultant must:

  • supply a list of at least five decision-ready development applications that they have previously submitted to Council within the last two years in any development type category
  • supply a list of development applications for each RiskSMART development type category they are applying for, submitted to Council within the last five years. The minimum number of files required for each type is listed below:
    • multiple dwelling and dual occupancy (two examples)
    • reconfiguring a lot (five examples)
    • centre activities (two examples)
    • dwelling house (five examples)
    • industry/warehouse (two examples)
    • educational establishment (two examples)
    • prescribed tidal works (two examples).
  • supply a current CV of each nominated professional. Each nominated professional should have a minimum of five years' experience in preparing and lodging development applications
  • provide a summary of the internal checking processes that they will use to ensure RiskSMART applications meet the RiskSMART lodgement criteria, application type criteria and relevant Brisbane City Plan 2014 requirements
  • provide proof of professional indemnity insurance for a minimum cover of $5 million (per claim and in aggregate).

Application process

Council has four consultant intakes per year - one every three months. Accreditation applications can be submitted at any time however Council will only begin review of applications at the specified regular three monthly intervals. Find more information about consultant intakes.

To submit an application for accreditation, complete the accreditation request online form.

Before submitting your application, you should:

  • read more about the RiskSMART service and becoming an accredited consultant in the RiskSMART guidelines
  • register your interest in becoming accredited by contacting the RiskSMART team by phone on 07 3403 8888
  • collate required qualification documents.


Last updated: 7 May 2019