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AdviceSMART is a fast-tracked prelodgement service for customers requiring prelodgement advice prior to the purchase of a potential development site. The service recognises the tight timeframes that apply to property purchases and aims to hold the AdviceSMART meetings within five business days of the payment of fees, at half the anticipated timeframe for Council’s standard prelodgement meeting service.

As with standard prelodgements, AdviceSMART customers can request advice on a range of matters including land use, architecture, engineering and ecology. Meetings are coordinated by dedicated Principal or Senior Urban Planners, with involvement from relevant Council specialists, to ensure high quality advice is provided. To allow for the appropriate resourcing of the service, AdviceSMART meetings attract a higher fee than standard prelodgement meetings.

Since the commencement of AdviceSMART in 2014 many customers have taken up the fast-tracked service, with the demand constituting a significant proportion of Council’s prelodgement offering.

Meetings are only available for legitimate pre-purchase enquiries. To request an AdviceSMART meeting, complete an enquiry form.

For any enquiries relating to water and sewerage, contact Queensland Urban Utilities.

Date posted:
Last updated:24 October 2019