Development Services evolution

Development Services Brisbane

For nearly a decade, Development Services (DS) has been on a journey of continuous improvement with a particular focus on efficient business processes; this started with our move of assessing files electronically. In recent times, this focus has shifted to a customer-centric business model which tailors services to ensure an effective end-to-end experience.

For DS, a customer-centric approach means understanding who our customers are, proactively anticipating their needs and partnering with them to deliver a tailored customer experience.

We take the broad definition of ‘customer’ to incorporate all consumers impacted by branch activities. Over the last few years, DS has introduced a number of initiatives in support of this customer-centric approach, including:

More recently, the branch has introduced a new Business Model and restructured its teams in support of a customer-centric approach. The new structure sees greater accountability for customer experiences and is aligned to the end-to-end customer experience, including ensuring achievement of desired development outcomes.

This approach is resulting in improved experiences across all customer segments. For smaller developers, it means simple, easier-to-access services. For large, complex developments, it means facilitated navigation through a variety of assessment processes. For members of the community it means understanding what development is allowed and why; and confidence that DS is delivering outcomes that will ensure a positive, sustainable future for the City of Brisbane. 

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Last updated:24 October 2019