Hot development topics

Hot development topics

Learn more about development topics including the improvement of pre-lodgement meetings, review of the Bushfire Advisory Service, heritage exemptions, requests to change an existing development approval and more.

Improving pre-lodgement meetings

Council has a coordination group made up of Principal Urban Planners who regularly conduct pre-lodgement meetings and this group has been looking at ways to fine-tune the process. The layout and content of the pre-lodgement minutes are currently under review in response to recent feedback. In particular, we are looking at the wording used to describe the meeting outcome so it is clear what is supported and what issues still require attention.

Did you know?

The requests for advice on permissible changes can now be given in pre-lodgement meetings.

Bushfire Advisory Service

The bushfire assessment process is currently under review.

For sites that trigger assessment against the Bushfire overlay, Council is now offering a service to assist with the development assessment requirements related to bushfire reporting, bushfire hazard assessment and/or preparation of a bushfire management plan. The intent of this service is to ensure the resolution of bushfire specific issues prior to lodgement, resulting in a more efficient assessment process.

Visit Bushfire reporting for detailed information on bushfire reporting requirements, including Bushfire Hazard Assessments and Bushfire Management Plans and outlines the process of how to access this service.

Timely and quality advice on the bushfire advisory service enquiries is dependent on accurate information being provided at the time of the request.

Flood free access - a necessity

Developments need to be accessible during flood events in order to minimise the risk to residents and vehicles and to allow emergency services to access the site.

These requirements were implemented on the recommendation of the Queensland Floods Commission of Inquiry and are within Brisbane City Plan 2014 flood overlay code.

Heritage Exemption Certificates

Council now offers Heritage Exemption Certificates to owners of heritage places as allowed under the Queensland Heritage Act 1992.

Fee calculation for change to development application other than staging (SPA s351)

During the assessment process, some development applications may change under section 351 of the Sustainable Planning Act 2009. Where changes are required or proposed, a fee is incurred as per the Development Assessment and Compliance Assessment Fees Schedule 2016-17. The relevant fee is described as ‘25% of current development application fee’.

To determine the changed application fee, the fee for the application (including the change) is to be calculated at the full current rate for the financial year. The changed application fee is to be 25% of the full application charge for the current financial year.

For example:

Proposal: Partial demolition and extensions to a pre-1946 dwelling house

This table provides an example of a fee calculation for a partial demolition and extensions to a pre-1946 dwelling house.
Domestic Development fee: $1760
Demolition Development (Type B) fee: $880
Total Fee Paid: $2640

Therefore, 25% of current development application fee ($2640) = $660.

In some instances, a change to an application may result in an additional component of development, such as Reconfiguring a Lot (Boundary Realignment). Where this occurs, the fee associated for the change to application will include the fee for the change to application, and an additional fee for the new component of development. Using the scenario above, see below for how to calculate the total fee when the change to application includes a new component of development.

This table provides an additional example of fee calculation to a Partial demolition and extensions to a pre-1946 dwelling house if a reconfiguration of a lot is included.
25% of current development application fee: $660 (as calculated above)
Reconfiguration development (boundary realignment) fee: $3300
Total fee for change to application and additional component of development: $3960

Request to change or extend an existing development approval - new online form

Prompt and efficient processing of development applications is important to our customers.

We have recently introduced a new online form for the lodgement of Requests to change or extend an existing development approval. The online form will streamline the assessment process by prompting the applicant to provide all the information required at the time of lodgement, including the attachment of the original approved plans and conditions package with the proposed marked up changes. 

Lodging an application for a Request to change or extend an existing development approval using the online form will remove the need for Council officers to contact the applicant to clarify details or request additional information, allowing for the creation of the application and issue of the fee quote to occur without delay.

The online form is now available.

Date posted:
Last updated:24 October 2019