Keperra Quarry redevelopment

Keperra Quarry

Council granted a Preliminary Approval at 469 Settlement Road, Keperra on 31 October 2017 for the site formerly used and known as the Keperra Quarry.

This Preliminary Approval prepares the site for:

  • cessation of all quarrying activities
  • a master planned community over four precincts
  • maximum of 700 dwellings
  • direct access off Samford Road through to Settlement Road and
  • retention of significant vegetation towards the south of the site.

Given the nature of quarrying, one of the conditions Council has imposed in the Preliminary Approval is for a full geotechnical assessment as part of any future development application.

The development footprint will be controlled by supporting the density of development to a maximum of three storeys in Precinct 1 and five storeys in Precinct 2. With the provision of large outdoor sport and recreational areas, this master planned community also incorporates roads wide enough to accommodate a TransLink-operated bus.

This development contributes to Council’s aim of creating a well-designed subtropical city and it is expected works will commence in 2019. 

Date posted:
Last updated:24 October 2019