Planning applications for townhouse developments with private roads - a safety tip

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If your application relates to a townhouse development with private roads, here is a useful tip from Brisbane City Council's Engineering Officers:

Show a 6.5m wide pavement for the Refuse Collection Vehicles (RCVs)

Plans are often submitted with 5.5m or 6.2m wide private internal road pavements, which do not comply with the Refuse Planning Scheme Policy.

The Refuse Planning Scheme Policy is contained in the Brisbane City Plan 2014. Section 3 of the policy requires a 6.5m wide pavement to ensure that a large RCV can manoeuvre, park and collect refuse safely. Many drivers of RCVs are required to manoeuvre these large vehicles in very constrained sites with limited visibility. As a result, this requirement is often included in Information Requests from Council.

While a standard minimum Local Road pavement is 5.5m wide, such a standard road reserve includes a 4.25m wide verge on both sides of the pavement, providing a far more open environment for these vehicles to operate.

To save time and plan for a safe development outcome, ensure plans for private roads in a townhouse development provide a minimum 6.5m wide pavement, wherever refuse collection vehicles are to be driven or parked within private property.

Date posted:
Last updated:24 October 2019