Tips for lodging an application

Tips for lodging an application

We’re nearly six months into working with the Planning Act 2016 and the greatest challenge our customers are experiencing is with land owner’s consent (LOC) as 75% of development applications (DA) lodged are not yet addressing this requirement correctly.

Follow these tips on LOC and other aspects we’ve identified which are stopping your DA moving through the process; these tips will ensure your application moves to the assessment stage quickly.

Land owner’s consent

When is it needed?

If you’re submitting a DA, the application must contain written consent of the owner of the premises if:

  • the applicant is not the owner; and
  • the application is for material change of use of premises, or reconfiguring a lot, or prescribed tidal work; and
  • the premises are not excluded premises; or
  • the application is a change application.

What is needed?

Land owner’s consent includes:

  • all current land owners’ signatures
  • certified, supporting documents where necessary (e.g. certified Power of Attorney)
  • a current Land Title Search (see tip below).

Land owned by Council

If your application includes Council owned land, owner's consent from Council will be required. Complete the owner's consent online form.

For more information about owner's consent to include Council owned land, email us.

File format

All files lodged must be:

  • in PDF format
  • created by a software program, not by a scanner
  • unlocked with no password protection
  • unzipped
  • less than 10Mb in size (if your email is larger than 50Mb contact us). 

If you require further information on how to name files correctly, you can refer to our guidelines.

State Forms

State Forms 1, 2 or 5 must be submitted with all DAs. If you are not sure which state form is relevant to your application, you can contact us.

Title Searches

The Title Search you submit will name all land owners. Ensure you clearly show which land owner’s signature refers to which owner.

Contact us

Refer to our website for the Lodging a properly made application fact sheet or contact Lodgement Support Services on 3403 4780 between 8.30am and 5pm, Monday-Friday. Alternatively, email the LSS team.

Date posted:
Last updated:24 October 2019