Heritage Incentives Scheme

Brisbane City Council is committed to conserving our unique cultural heritage - from grand buildings in the CBD to schools, churches, factories and dwellings in our city’s suburbs. 

Council introduced the Heritage Incentives Scheme in 2005 to foster an appreciation of Brisbane’s heritage. It offers professional advice and financial assistance in the form of grants to owners of heritage-listed places. 


Applications can be made for:

  • up to $3000 for small projects ($1000-$15,000 in conservation costs)
  • up to $10,000 for large projects (more than $15,000 in conservation costs)
  • up to $15,000 for not-for-profit organisations. 

Eligible properties

Applicants must own a heritage place (property) entered on Brisbane City Council's Local Heritage Places online

Owners are ineligible if they have modified the subject heritage place in a detrimental manner after it was entered on Local Heritage Places online. Governments (including their agencies or instrumentalities), statutory bodies and authorities are also ineligible.

Owners can apply for a grant at any time before starting their project. Grant payments for each heritage place cannot exceed the applicable maximum amount over two consecutive financial years.

Eligible projects

Building conservation work eligible for heritage grants include:

  • replacing roofs, guttering, and downpipes to match the original profile and materials
  • repairing timber joinery
  • reversing unsympathetic alterations to restore original form
  • restumping and other urgent structural work
  • work to prevent structural failure or damage to the heritage place, such as improving drainage around a building
  • repainting a building in its original colours or in a colour scheme that reflects its heritage significance
  • removing paint to uncover the original surface
  • cleaning masonry.

Conservation documents eligible for heritage grants include:

  • measured drawings or specifications
  • conservation management plans
  • structural engineering reports
  • other reports investigating the built fabric of a heritage place or arranging for its conservation.

Ineligible projects

Projects and activities that will not be considered for funding under the Heritage Incentives Scheme include:

  • altering the heritage place in a way that is not consistent with conservation principles (for example, adding or enlarging windows or doors, or raising houses)
  • adding or replacing elements that are not of cultural heritage significance such as kitchen or bathroom fit-outs, wiring, plumbing, or installing security devices or fire alarms
  • work that has already started or been completed
  • routine maintenance work (for example, termite treatments, fixing blocked drains, or pruning or removing trees not part of the cultural heritage significance of the place)
  • new buildings or extensions
  • paving and landscaping, unless this work reinstates elements of cultural heritage significance or prevents potential damage to a heritage place.

How to apply

  1. Read the following documents before preparing your application:
  2. Submit your application online.

The online system allows you to save, change, and print your application before submitting.

After lodging your application, you will be notified by letter, formally registering your application. We may also contact you to discuss your project or to request additional information before registering your application.

You can also view the Heritage Incentives Scheme step-by-step process.

Acquittal reports for applicants

Outlined in the funding agreement, a condition of the grant scheme is that applicants must provide Council with a completed acquittal report within six months of completing the project.

Acquittals are to be completed online. Complete the form by logging in and then clicking on your application number.

More information

Last updated:11 November 2019